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Religious Education


The subjects within the Humanities help students understand the world around them and their place within it. As a department we strive to help students develop an appreciation for the diversity of ideas and approaches involved in this process, and to help students acquire the skills necessary to critically engage with key issues and scholarship in each of the disciplines.

Teachers in the department support and engage students as individual learners and ensure a positive learning environment in which each student feels free to take risks and express her own ideas. Providing an atmosphere of mutual respect in the classroom so that students can reach their full potential in history, geography and RE is a priority for all members of the department.

Students in Year Seven two lessons in each of the Humanities subjects (history, geography and religious education). Year 8 students receive an additional religious education lesson per week.

Religious Education


Religious education helps prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they will encounter in later life. Students will engage in enquiries into challenging questions raised by religion and world views, so that they can appreciate the different responses and perspectives raised by these issues and develop responses of their own.

Key stage 3

Students will explore questions about the meaning of life, beliefs about God, issues of right and wrong and challenging questions about the purpose of diverse experiences during their lives. They will learn about and from different religions and world views in order to explore and consider different answers to these questions.

Students will learn to weigh up the value of different sources of wisdom, develop and express their own insights in response and to agree and disagree respectfully. Through this process they will develop their own ideas, values and identities. The study of Religious Education will also enable them to engage in dialogue in order to participate positively in our society of diverse religions and world views.

Key stage 4

At KS4 students continue to develop and build upon the skills they acquired at KS3 to develop their interest in, and enthusiasm for, the study of religion. Madani Girls School follows the Edexcel exam board syllabus in religious education. Current Year 11 students will focus their study on the religion of Islam, exploring the nature of the religion itself and how it is incorporated into people’s lives. Current Year 10 students will follow the new Edexcel Syllabus in which they study both Islam and Christianity.

The study of religion is linked to the wider world in order to explore and beliefs, reflect on fundamental questions, and engage with them intellectually and respond personally. KS4 Religious Education provides students with the opportunity to reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes in light of their learning.

How can I help my Son/Daughter?


There are a variety of TV documentaries covering the topics studied in the RE curriculum. Selecting appropriate programs for your child and watching them with her will help her become more familiar with the topics studied in the curriculum.

Checking your child’s planner and making sure they are managing their time to complete projects and homework will also help ensure they are making progress. You could also encourage your child to use take advantage of SAM learning activities which cover the topics studied in lessons.

AT KS4 you could encourage your child to use helpful revision sites such as BBC Bitesize on a regular basis. Listening to podcasts on GCSE pod is also a good revision aid.

Key dates:


GCSE exam - Unit 4: 15/05/17

GCSE exam – Unit 11: 07/06/17

Religious Education Map of Learning 2016/2017


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Y8 RE Teaching Schedule
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