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Design Technology

Creative Arts Department : Design Technology

Purpose of study

The schemes of work for Design Technology have been designed to give a wide breadth of study, in terms of knowledge and technique. The techniques and skills cover a range of media in 2D and 3D work. Our aim is to provide students with engaging and inspiring projects, knowledge and understanding, the means to develop capabilities and skills in designing and making, and the ability to produce quality products.

Following the design process, students complete five major projects throughout the year, as well as, completing a term in Food Technology. All projects aim to build on students knowledge and understanding. They are introduced to new materials, technologies and techniques. Students research, explore, design and make a range of products. They develop practical skills, whilst working with;

: Wood

: Plastic

: Food

: Electronics

: Fabrics & TextilesStudents learn how to :

: Work safely and hygienically in a kitchen

: Produce nutritious, tasty food

: Shop wisely and make value-for-money meals

: Use a variety of equipment safely to develop skills in the DT workshop and textiles workshop


Ms. S. Chaudri – Creative Arts Co-ordinator/ Teacher of Art & Design

Ms. M Auckland – Teacher of Design Technology / Food Technology / Music

Mrs. A. Natha – Department Technician

Key stage 3

YEAR 7 :

Food/ Core skills / tools and equipment

Textiles/ Hand made pouch

Core Skills/ Resistant Materials/ wooden key ring project


YEAR 8 :

Food/ World Food

Food/ Pasta

Textiles / Aprons

Resistant Materials / Desk tidy

YEAR 9 :

Food/ Food gift in a container

Food/ British Bake Off

Textiles / Cultural Cushion

Resistant Materials / Wood joints

Key stage 4

Examining Board:   AQA

Important Aspects of the Course:

: Controlled Assessment – 60 % of the total ( 90 marks)

: Designing & making Innovation Challenge

: Written paper / 60 marks / 20% of the final mark

: At GCSE, students are offered product design, where they research, explore and create products including textile based products, in addition

Students work independently to research and develop skills leading to the production of individually created products.

How can I help my Son/Daughter?

How can I help my daughter ?

Checking your child’s planner and making sure that they are managing their time to complete projects and home learning, will ensure they are making process. Students should also take advantage of SAM learning in addition, for additional support.

Key dates:


Design Technology Map of Learning 2016/2017


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