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Careers Advice at Madani Schools Federation

A principal aim of education is to prepare young people for life beyond school and college.

It is important therefore that students leave school aware of themselves as individuals, aware of the opportunities available to them and able to make some decisions about their own life. They should be prepared for the transition from full time education to the world beyond. It is to these aspects of personal and social development that careers education and guidance aims to contribute.

These are divided into four areas:

1. Knowledge based

Pupils should:-

  • have access to and be able to use a variety of careers information
  • develop an awareness of opportunities at post 16.
  • develop awareness and understanding of different occupational roles.
  • become aware of their entitlement to interpreting services and how to use them.

2. Concept Based

Pupils should:-

  • be able to anticipate the differences between school, college and work
  • understand the concept of equal opportunities in relation to gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic group, ability/disability and occupational choice
  • understand the difference between work and leisure and how these influence lifestyles
  • understand the need to be proactive in making choices

3. Skills Based

Pupils should:-

  • develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their future’s for themselves in consultation with others
  • review personal achievements and experiences
  • be able to complete an application form and prepare a Curriculum Vitae
  • decide on post 16 choices along with others
  • take part in Work Experience

3. Personal Qualities

Pupils should:-

  • become aware of their individual abilities, skills qualities, needs and values and explore how these might relate to different occupations
  • develop a positive self image and feel positive about their own employment prospects

Careers Activities are carried out via in-house activities such as:

  • Curriculum modules in Life Skills/Citizenship lessons
  • Connexions sessions
  • Goal Setting work shops
  • SMART action planning meetings
  • Careers Focus Week (2-6th December 2013)Careers Fare with Post 16 Providers (28th September 2013)Work Experience (16th -27th June 2014)

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