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Humanities - History

Purpose of study

Through exploration of the Humanities subjects (History, Geography & Religious Studies) our students are taught how to think critically and creatively, to reason, to ask questions, to understand, to assess and interpret evidence. These skills allow our students to deepen their knowledge & understanding whilst developing an understanding of the environment, people, religion, cultures & events both past & present and how they shape the world we live in today.


We want our students to become resilient, independent, learners & critical thinkers by displaying a thirst for knowledge and understanding whilst developing skills that will enable them to communicate in an articulate and respectful manner culminating in them becoming positive Muslim role models who contribute effectively to society through a love of learning, understanding & sincerity.

: Be tolerant & understanding towards others

: Analyse & Evaluate the evidence presented

: Confidently provide developed reasons for answers supported by evidence

: Understand the importance & Influence Britain has had on the world through various contributions

: An awareness & understanding of the Muslim contributions to Britain & the world.

: Understanding of our Heritage

: Respectfully debate to develop communication skills & challenge misconceptions.

: Provide strong learning foundations that students will be able to use as a platform during the next phase of their life/learning journey.


History plays an integral part of our everyday lives and students will be taught the skills & knowledge in an enjoyable and engaging manner for each subject area covering a wide range of topics. Students study a wide range of British, European & World History topics & key events that have helped shaped the world we live in. Students are encouraged to engage in high quality debates and develop skills that provide them with the foundations which they will frequently use through their education and working lives.


Mr. R. Afzal – Teacher of History & Geography and Humanities Co-ordinator

Key stage 3

At KS3 (years 7-9) all students study History (2 lessons per week). Students are given the opportunity to focus largely on Britain’s contribution to the world and its heritage whilst also looking at significant events & themes in British History coupled with aspects of Islamic & Local History. Students cover the main themes of History through Knowledge & Understanding, Historical Interpretation & Significance & Investigation. This enables students to come to well reasoned conclusion supported by evidence.


: Assess a variety of Primary & Secondary sources covering key skills such as Description, Inference, Provenance, Reliability, Bias, Usefulness, use of evidence, Analysis & Evaluation.

: Write coherently in a manner that encompasses key History skills.

: Develop an understanding of the key disciplines of History such as Interpretation, Cause & Consequence, Significance, and Knowledge & Understanding & Chronology.

: Challenge opinions in a respectful manner through logical and structured arguments supported by evidence.

: Speak clearly & confidently

: Work independently and in groups to develop wider skills transferable to Post 16 education

Key stage 4


At KS4 students study the AQA History syllabus covering British Thematic Study, British Depth Study, Historic Environment Study, Britain power & people from c1170-the present day, Medieval England (Reign of Edward I) in Yr11. During Yr10 students focus on Russia, International relations, & the origins/outbreak of WW2. Students are well prepared for the next phase of their chosen career or work path through the skills acquired at GCSE.

GCSE History (AQA).

: Students undertake further independent research as well as honing in on key History & critical thinking skills. 

: Students develop the ability of critical thinking, Knowledge & understanding, Analysis & evaluation whilst developing their 2nd order historical concepts

: Students will be prepared and well equipped for the next phase of their journey be it in employment or college.

: Debates centring around the morals, ethics & impact frequently take place in light of the events studied

: Links with the world today are made with the events of the past.

: Students will be encouraged to assess different types of evidence and events and form well reasoned judgements.

: Links to British Values

How can I help my Son/Daughter?


: Regularly check your students’ planner for homework as well as using it as another form of communication with the school.

: Encourage reading at home

: Check your students homework

: Monitor your child’s revision

: Frequent communication with subject teacher

: Ensure you attend Parents evening

: Work with your child on the websites provided

: Undertake additional reading prior to lessons

Useful websites

Key dates:


AQA GCSE exam  Paper 1 (Russia and Peace and Conflict): 4 June 2018

AQA GCSE exam Paper B (Elizabeth I and Migration and Empire):  8 June 2018


History Map of Learning

History Map of Learning



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