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Class Charts

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Class Charts allows parents to view their child’s progress over the course of a school day, in real time. The simple to use app (for iPhone and Android) can be downloaded to enable quick access to behaviour and rewards information, and the system can also be accessed online at


What is it?


>  An interactive ‘app’ / website (Available on Android & Apple Phone/Computer)

> Shows instant Reward / Attendance / Behaviour Data this links to our SIMS and uploads every hour


If you have more than one child at the school, you can use the same parent account to view achievement data for all your children.


Parents will be issued with a unique code which is used to access your account. (please contact the school if you have not received your activation letter).



First Time Users of ClassCharts for Parents


In your chosen web browser go to the ClassCharts parent logon page


Apple App Store Google Play Store


To create your ClassCharts account you will need to complete the fields shown below.


Your personal Email address

  • Click "I don't have an account yet"
  • Enter the "Access code" (This will have been supplied to you in the ClassCharts letter that went home to parents)
  • Enter your name
  • Enter a password of your choosing
  • Retype your chosen password
  • Click "Log In"


Please make sure to keep your ClassCharts account information in a safe place as you will need it again.


classcharts login


Once you have created your parent account you can use your mobile phone providers’ application store to search for "ClassCharts Parents".


ExistingUsers of ClassCharts for Parents

In your chosen web browser go to the ClassCharts parent logon page Existing users of ClassCharts will be familiar with the logon page and can use the ClassCharts credentials that they previously made to log in.

Forgotten Access Code

If you have forgotten or have not received your access code then please contact the school via the main school number and we will be able to pass you to the correct department.

Please note that we are only able to provide you with a access code and are not able to help with forgotten passwords or issues accessing the ClassCharts website.

Forgotten ClassCharts Account Password

In your chosen web browser go to the ClassCharts parent logon page If you have forgotten your ClassCharts account password then you will need to click the "Forgot password?" link on the logon page for ClassCharts.



Quick Start for Parents - Class Charts   


Quick Start for Students- Class Charts 


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